Health and wellbeing

Our SEN sessions provide a unique opportunity for individuals with special educational needs to engage in physical activity, promoting overall health and wellbeing.

Fun and stimulating

These sessions help improve coordination, balance, and motor skills in a fun and stimulating environment.

  • Special Offer for Parent & Toddlers:

    Weekdays from Monday to Thursday. Parent & Toddlers can join our Open Jump sessions using a reduced promo code. Experience the thrill alongside your little ones during term time.

  • Grip Socks

    Ensure a safe and comfortable bounce with our Grip Socks, available for just £3.00 per pair. Snag a pair before your session to enhance your jumping experience and keep the fun going.

  • Sock Swap Extravaganza!

    Trade in your tired trampoline socks for just £1.50! Walk in with your old socks and strut out with brand-new Gravity socks. It's a sock-tacular deal – bounce in style and pocket some savings. Don't miss out on the Sock Swap fun, exclusively in-store!


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    Safety Information

    Our Safety Agreement contains important information about the risks involved whilst participating in Gravity activities. It includes information on what you must do to reduce such risks.