• AR Digital Darts

    Step up to the oche and take flight in our captivating darts experience of the future. Your innovative digital display will guide you intuitively through the game, throw by throw, leaving you free to focus on the fun. Bullseye! Will you play a traditional game of arrows or spice things up with a new challenge? And when the pressure is on, will your aim stay true?
  • Duck Pin Bowling

    Duckpin Bowling is a slightly different set-up to the standard bowling experience, with shorter lanes, smaller pins and lighter balls. We have a host of group sizes and time slots to pin down your ideal bowling experience - we take it beyond traditional bowling to give you the ultimate bowling challenge that provides lots of amazing fun!
  • Urban Street Golf

    Grab your putter and prepare for a golfing experience like no other – it's time to take a bite of some Big Apple crazy golf! Test your skills across our epic holes in the New York City streets and aim for a hole-in-one in Central Park. State-of-the-art tech links your putter to the Gravity app, so you can track your mini indoor golf game, get tips and log scores. Fore!
  • Shuffleboard

    New to Shuffleboard? Once you shuffle, you'll never stop. It's the ultimate pub game! Try to score points by pushing your pucks to the opposite end of the shuffleboard table. But be careful – one false move and your opponent can knock you right out of the lane in this super addictive game. Shuffle along and give it a go – it's guaranteed to bring out your competitive side.

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