Flexible spaces

We can fill the big retail spaces, 3,000 - 12,000 sqm. We’re flexible on unit conditions

Gravity retains your anchor space, an economic and social focal point for the centre.

Flexible products

Our range of diverse products allows us to tailor the most effective mix of our innovative and cutting-edge tech activities for each destination based on the catchment area, floor space and configuration.


  • With the right investment in a Gravity Max, partners can expect sales from 8-11m GBP
  • Open and operating within 9 months of site identification
  • A return on investment with one year of trading! (£475k in first 6 months)
  • Immediate footfall (200k in first 8 weeks)
  • Non-local visitors extend potential catchment
  • Night-time visitors extend retail trading hours

We launch with a bang

  • Support with space, design, fit out & costs
  • Guidance on operational build & set up
  • Marketing strategy and content to help your site fly including: Geo-targeted digital media campaign, localised out of home advertising, press outreach, launch event and collaboration with influencers

A dedicated team works across all three stages of the design, build and launch process to ensure a smooth opening.

  • Commitment

    We’re all in!

    Gravity is all about feeling the pull of fun and play.

    People are attracted by the positive force of Gravity because it makes them feel good. Positive energy all-round, people! Pass it on!

  • Joy

    We’re full of fun!

    Having fun matters. So, we let the good times roll.

    If growing old is a trap, then we’re here to help you escape. Say yes, feel the joy, and experience the feeling of freedom at Gravity.

  • Energy

    We’re unstoppable!

    Energy takes many forms. It’s all about push and pull.

    Our energy is contagious. Our momentum is unstoppable. Gravity will knock you off your feet – in the best possible way.

  • Creativity

    We’re building something special!

    Can you feel it? It’s in the air.

    We’re building something special – and we want everyone to be part of it.

    Our relentless creativity has got us this far.

  • Discovery

    We’re learning to fly!

    In the beginning, we found an idea. And we loved it!

    We’ll admit that we don’t have all the answers. But if we can’t do it ourselves, we bring in the best people to help.