Discover your inner strength

From beginners to seasoned athletes, Gravity Assault Course offers a thrilling and immersive experience, combining physical challenges with mental agility, allowing you to push your limits and discover your inner strength. Our Assault Course course isn’t only about reaching the finish line but also uncovering your full potential.

Great experiences for everyone

Our Gravity Assault Course course provides a diverse range of challenges that cater to all fitness levels, ensuring an inclusive and exciting experience for everyone. Climb the towering structures, jump over obstacles, and balance on the platforms, making your way to the finish line in record time. You can challenge yourself or compete with your friends, family, or colleagues in this fun adventure.

The Gravity Assault Course course is designed in a way so that you can bring your youngest ones and introduce them to fun exercises, running, rolling, and jumping around. Our trampoline park is also ideal for your older kids, turning them into real Ninjas and giving them lasting memories with the whole family. Gravity UK never forgets about adults. You and your friends or colleagues can book an hour of Assault Course and prove to everyone around that you have what it takes to make it to the end without falling.


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Safety Information

Our Safety Agreement contains important information about the risks involved whilst participating in Gravity activities. It includes information on what you must do to reduce such risks.