Are you ready for an adventure that combines fitness, fun, and incredible savings?

Gravity Active Entertainment is thrilled to announce an exciting partnership with the Scouts, offering group discounts, options to earn badges, and a whole lot more for Scouts looking to take their activities to new heights.

As market leaders in health and safety, Gravity Active Entertainment provides a fantastic way for people of all ages to enjoy exercise or simply have a blast. With trampolines stretching from wall-to-wall, forming a vast area of bounceable space, Gravity offers a variety of activities, including freestyle open jump sessions that grant full access to the park and all its exhilarating activities.

Through this exclusive partnership, Scouts can enjoy remarkable savings, slashing around 40% off the original prices at Gravity. That's not just a discount; it's a gravity-defying deal!

Not just trampolining...

Some Gravity parks, like those in Yorkshire, Edinburgh, Norwich, Bluewater, and Milton Keynes, feature Gravity Rocks Urban Climbing walls. Here, your group can embark on a climbing adventure and work towards earning their climbing badge by conquering colourful, exciting, and challenging climbing walls.

For the adrenaline junkies, Xscape Yorkshire offers Aerial Adventures Sky Coaster, Free Fall Tower Jump, and Leap of Faith. The Sky Coaster whisks you around 70 feet up with a wire on your back, the Free-Fall Tower Jump provides a thrilling free-falling experience, and the Leap of Faith challenges you to launch yourself through mid-air to grab onto a huge hanging bag. Miss it, and you'll forget you're in safe hands for a split second!

A Variety of Activities

Gravity isn't just about bouncing; it's about offering a range of activities for everyone. From basketball and dodgeball to assault courses, street golf, and bag jumps, there's something for every taste and skill level.

Badge Opportunities for Scouts

Did you know that Gravity Activity Centres offer the perfect environment for Scouts to earn badges? Scouts can achieve requirements for the following badges at Gravity:

Squirrels Be Active badge • Beavers Health and Fitness badge • Cubs Physical Recreation badge • Scouts Physical Recreation badge • Explorers Climber badge