Golf, but not as you know it

Colourful lights, crazy holes and no dress code! This is a supercharged golf experience that’s sure to put a swing in your step.

Choose your route through

Each hole has multiple options and routes to get you from A to B – it’s a course that’ll keep you on your toes!

Suits all skill levels

You don’t have to play from scratch to enjoy our course. Your family, friends and colleagues can all enjoy the experience.

Test the pros

Even the most skilled golfers can test themselves, with plenty of hole in one opportunities to try and achieve.


Revolutionary Technology

Embark on an Urban Golf adventure like never before, where state-of-the-art technology seamlessly connects you to our app. Track every swing, receive expert tips, and log your scores in real-time, creating a personalised and immersive experience. Gravity MAX isn't just a revolution in mini golf – it's the ultimate way to play, offering every crazy golf hole as an opportunity for excitement and mastery. Fore!

MAXimum fun

Elevate your leisure time and transform your Urban Street Golf experience into an unforgettable adventure at Gravity MAX. As you immerse yourself in our MAXimised urban golf experience, you'll discover a destination that transcends the ordinary, promising unforgettable moments for golf enthusiasts. Join us in the competition for the best golf experience, as we redefine and set new standards for crazy golf.

Are you ready?

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