The Games:

Designed for the enjoyment of all ages, Immersive Gamebox promises a universal thrill that transcends generational boundaries. From the classic challenges of Tetris 1991 to the heart-pounding survival tests in Squid Game, each game is carefully crafted to provide entertainment that captivates both the young and the young-at-heart.

Whether you're a Paw Patrol enthusiast embarking on rescue missions, an Angry Birds strategist slinging to victory, or a Ghostbusters recruit saving the city from supernatural chaos, our games offer an inclusive and engaging experience for participants of every age group. Gravity MAX's commitment to providing family-friendly fun ensures that everyone can join in the excitement, making the Immersive Gamebox the perfect destination for creating shared memories and laughter across generations.


Prices, Arrival & Check In

Prices starting from £13.00 per person

Please arrive 20 minutes before your start time to check in and register.

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