Unparalleled experiences

Hologate VR offers an unparalleled immersive virtual reality experience, utilising state-of-the-art technology to transport you to vivid and interactive worlds.

Play as a team

The multiplayer aspect of Hologate VR allows friends, family or colleagues to join forces and engage in thrilling cooperative gameplay, fostering teamwork and communication.

A wide range of games

Hologate VR caters to a wide range of interests and preferences, whether it's battling hordes of zombies or exploring fantastical realms.

Unforgettable adventure

Combining stunning visuals, realistic audio and intuitive controls, Hologate VR delivers a truly unforgettable adventure.


Play as a team

Join forces with friends, family, or colleagues and take multiplayer gaming to the MAX! Encourage teamwork and communication while immersing yourself in exhilarating collaborative gameplay within the virtual reality gaming experience.

Arrival and Check In

Please arrive 20 minutes before your start time to check in for your booking. You’ll be asked by a member of the team to select your game when you head over to Hologate VR Arena.

For the older gamer...

Zombyte (16+): Band together as a Z.W.A.T. (Zombie Weapons And Tactics team) and engage in an adrenalin-soaked battle against wave after wave of oncoming hoards of the infected undead.

For the teens...

• Simurai (12+) • Revolvr 3 (12+) • Ghostbusters VR Academy (12+) • Simurai Arena (12+) • RIG Rebels (12+) • Cyberpunk (12+) • Mission Sigma (12+) • The Prison (12+)

For the younger gamer...

• Angry Birds 2 (6+) • Groove Guardians (6+) • Cold Clash (6+) • Captain Cook (6+) • Space Slurpies (6+) • Tower Tag (6+)

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